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These links will take you to sites where you can share your photos with the world, get feedback from fellow photographers, get new ideas for your next project, learn new skills or find inspiration.
PetaPixel - Lots of Photo related news stories and more.

PhotographyBlogger - Need an idea.

On-line Free Photo Resizer

A FREE online video - Seeing in Black and White

Another video Brian Peterson on the perfect picture

Dakaotatimelapse - Exceptional time lapse photography.

Ugly Headgehog - Strange name, but good site to ask questions or get feed back on photos.

St. Louis Camera Club - one of the oldest clubs in the country

The Luminous Landscape - Photography tutorials, techniques and more

GIMP - The GNU Image Manipulation Program (FREE)

Cambridge In Colour - Another site with tutorials and techniques

Flickr - Share your photos with the world